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Xquisite Catamaran

Xquisite X5 Bonaire to Lisbon

Xquisite on the dock

Sailing Catamaran Xquisite X5 Adjani in Bonaire (Caribbean) is ready to be delivered to Lisbon. The sailing route will take our team through the Caribbean with stops in Bermuda, Azores, and then across to Lisbon

Our team under the command of Captain Hugues gets extra support from the owner’s dog… he knows his way round.

Delivery Captain Crew and the dog
Xquisite at anchor
Xquisite at anchor in Bonaire

Xquisite X5 proves to be an excellent catamaran to sail and safe throughout our journey with exceptional sailing performance. Even though the Weather was not always kind to us the team managed to complete yet another safe delivery.

Sunset over the caribbean


Deloivery Captain Intro Video


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