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Delivery Captain offers an amazing career opportunity for all the sailing enthusiasts out there who are passionate about pursuing their dreams and making a profitable career out of it. Whether you are an experienced sailor or just starting out in this field, this is the chance you have been waiting for.

Gain valuable sea miles and on-the-job experience as part of our delivery team. Build your professional resume and increase your job opportunities with leading crewing companies, yacht brokers, and boat owners by gaining experience on different types of yachts.

Our fast-track program provides direct sailing experience and the opportunity to work with qualified professionals who will contribute to your career formation.

Upon successful completion, Personal References and Logbooks will be provided to all crew members as required. Join the yacht delivery industry today with Delivery Captain



Delivery Crew on Saona 47

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  • Pay the Joining Fee of € 29.00 through PayPal
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  • Registration duration is one year.

Crew Registration Indication:

  • Membership is valid for 12 months.
  • The selection of crew is always up to the appointed Captain.
  • To Register you must be at least a Day Skipper/Competent Crew Level.
  • Communication is done by the newsletter only.
  • Once the Captain has been selected, you will be able to contact him/her directly.
  • Register your interest today to access the private area to view all available Jobs and all private content by Delivery Captain

Please keep in touch with the latest news on COVID-19 as this may affect your plans to join any delivery. Find out which countries are open and which ones are closed or very difficult to travel to. 

US VISA: Please bear in mind that based on our direct experience we advise all our crew who intend to enter the USA via sea to have a B1/B2 Visa.

Entry via sea using ESTA will not be accepted by the US government.

Please bear in mind that although in the EU you only need a 3-month passport validity to be granted travel entry, in the US you are required to have at least 6 months. This excludes your staying in and out. 

These proposed fonts of information are not the only ones available on the web, these are only an indication. Please feel free to make your search.

Upcoming Deliveries: Poland - Saint Thomas France - Grenada  France - Ft.Lauderdale La Rochelle Miami La Rochelle Gibraltar

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Orcas Attak!

Andrea Ciotoli
Andrea Ciotoli @globalyachts
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News 26/10/2023: Hello everyone, it is important to note the following information for new members joining from Crewbay, Findacrew, and other sites. Please keep in mind that our company policy is as follows: Initial delivery information will be sent to all registered members through our newsletter. Skippers will be selected and assigned to specific jobs, with their contact information made available to all 1st mates and crew members. From there, 1st mates and crew are free to interview the captains directly. Good luck!
Andrea Ciotoli
Andrea Ciotoli@globalyachts
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The new registration procedure is now fully active, and we are moving forward to finalize the project by adding more useful content to the private area accessible to all our members. We welcome your feedback and ideas to help us improve as we progress. News: 24/07/2023.
Andrea Ciotoli
Andrea Ciotoli@globalyachts
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News: 15/05/2023 The private area is now active. It's still a work in progress, but at least we have it up and running. This will improve over time, covering many routes, including the Caribbean crossing from East to West and West to East, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean, and the Pacific Ocean, providing valuable personal experience on stops and repairs to all interested crew. In addition, in the future, you will be able to contribute by using the new upcoming DC APP. Stay tuned. If you are experiencing any logging in issues or are simply not receiving any newsletters, please let me know. I will be happy to help. From now on, every new profile will be automatically subscribed to the newsletter as well. You can always double-check by subscribing to the newsletter, and the system should say already registered.
Andrea Ciotoli
Andrea Ciotoli@globalyachts
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News: 16/04/2023 Our ongoing efforts to improve our website are going strong. All of our affiliate members will have unlimited access throughout the year 2023. No more generic passwords. Going forward, registration will be required to access any confidential content, including upcoming releases. The newsletter will still be sent out to all. I am always available to grant access to those who have already registered, even if their old registration has expired, to ensure that you receive full support until the transition to the new version is complete. This offer will only be available until the end of 2023.
Andrea Ciotoli
Andrea Ciotoli@globalyachts
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News: 25/Jan/2023 Starting from 10/Feb/2023, new subscribers will receive a temporary password to access job opportunities. We will soon create a private area exclusively for our crew which will consist of useful information and a list of available jobs. Thank you for your support.

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