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Boat next to a pontoon ready for transportation

Yacht Shipping Service

transportation service

Shipping & Transportation Service

loading boat on a ship
Loading a Catamaran on a Ship Carrier
boat on cradle

Delivery Captain provides yacht shipping and transportation support, including crew assistance for loading onto carriers. This is different from yacht delivery via sea by qualified crew. Shipping Service.


The loading needs to be arranged by a professional company and followed by a team of qualified people at every step.

Once the loading date and time are set, the agency representative and Delivery Captain will coordinate the operation.

The exact loading time may be approximate, so the delivery team must be on standby on the boat.

Yacht Shipping Service ensures that the boat is sailed not only to the loading point but also on the exact day and time required.

The same applies to unloading the yacht. You need to be there and ready to move, or arrange for someone to do it on your behalf.

boat next to pontoon
Boat next to a pontoon ready for transportation


Delivery Captain is the most reliable and professional yacht delivery company in Europe. We operate in the yachting industry since 1999 and with over 20 years of international experience, we can guarantee you and your boat will always be in safe hands. We will deliver your yacht most professionally and safely from any location selected to any location worldwide.