Nautitech 40 La Rochelle to Florida

teaching owners knots

Mike, the owner of Nautitech 40 Sigrun taking a few lessons before departure as he will join Delivery Captain’s team later on. 

Delivery Captain’s team joining Sigrun in La Rochelle.

Cpt. Jose together with Brendan and Francois 

Delivery Captain's Crew
crew on the bow

Nautitech 40 Sigrun looks just amazing along the pontoon in one of our last stops before changing crew as the owner Mike will join soon.

wind to wind sail

We love sailing wind to wind as the boats surf gently downwind using the NE trades. 

A look from the amazing bow line of the Nautitech 40. She cuts through the waves and smoothly moves away.

Nautitech 40 bow view
lunch on board catamaran

Time for some enjoyable meal along the way on Sigrun as the crew gets together for supper. The delivery crew is on enroute to Tenerife where they will meet the owner Mike and say good bye to Francoise. Team swap!

Boat owner Mike joined Sigrun in Sint Maarten and together with Jose and Brendan will continue the delivery to Florida Saint Augustine.

delivery team

Finally at last, after a long journey across the Atlantic Ocean, the Nautitech 40 Sigrun has arrived and is in top condition. Crew can go back home and Owners can enjoy her fully.

delivery captain's crew

Transatlantic: La Rochelle France to Florida, USA.

We selected Delivery Captain and couldn’t be happier!
Everything went seamlessly from our first conversation with Andrea to the final arrival of our brand new 40′ Sailing Catamaran in Florida.

Choosing a delivery team is a daunting task, especially after the months and years of painstakingly planning the build of your new yacht. Andrea has extensive experience and knowledge, he is also a really good person and it was obvious from our first conversation that he was the best choice.

Delivery captain maintains open communication from the time you engage them in your project, throughout the transport process and afterward. All calls, emails and texts are returned promptly. I feel Andrea goes above and beyond.

We were kept up-to-date during the entire transatlantic crossing.
Our new sailing catamaran arrived the day it was expected, and turned over to us in very thoughtful, perfect condition.

Like Andrea, our crew was perfection. We have100% trust in delivery captain and highly recommend.

The idea of transporting from France to USA was quite stressful until we talked to Andrea — it turned out to be nothing but a perfect experience.

We will stay in touch with Andrea and hope to sail with him again in the future.