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Bali 54 Catana Sailing Catamaran

Bali 54 Catana sailing catamaran

Destiny Unbound Canet-en-Roussillon to Sint Maarten

Bali 54

Captain Thiemo, accompanied by the exceptional team of Borja and Alfonso, embarked on their adventure with the magnificent Bali 54 Destiny Unbound, setting sail from the heart of Catana’s main factory in Canet.

Catana’s production is renowned for its top-tier performance sailing catamarans.

For over a decade, they have continuously innovated and produced the Bali line, which, while slightly less efficient, offers unparalleled comfort and ease of use.

Currently, the team is preparing to sail the magnificent Bali 54 to Sint Maarten.

Bali 54

Captain Thiemo and his highly skilled team went above and beyond during their stop in Cartagena, Spain to ensure the boat was in top condition for the upcoming crossing.

Not only did they provide engine service, but also meticulously tended to the final preparations. All in a day’s work for this exceptional crew.

Bali 54 ready for inspection in canet
Amazing Team

When the crew is immersed in their work, the joy is almost palpable. And when they’re sailing, you can see that joy radiating from everyone’s face.

Bali 54 at anchor in Sint Maarten while crew make their way to authority check-in point upon arrival at destination.

Crew on Tender


This is a short video from the crew, shot during the delivery of Destiny Unbound


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